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Access for all’ Aids and Facilities

People's needs vary greatly, as do any disabilities they may have. It is therefore not easy for us to say that our holiday accommodation meets the needs of anyone specifically. We feel it is better for us to attempt to describe the facilities and aids we can offer and let you choose, whether these meet your needs.

Given that caravan accommodation offers Low-priced, self-catering holiday accommodation, for couples and families of all ages and is, of necessity, spread around a 'park', we feel the facilities offered are reasonable, but obviously, we do not offer all possible options.

Please ask for any further information you need to reach your decision. You may also find a visit to the park useful before choosing. Please note: no single holiday home provides all the facilities and aids listed here, but we can help you chose one with a combination best suited to you.

1. The Location
Amroth Bay Holidays is situated on the hillside above Amroth bay about 2km (1.3 miles) back from the sea front. This secluded location is not near any shops or places of entertainment. The nearest shops are at Amroth village (about 2.5km / 1.5miles) plus other cafes, pubs, etc. The nearest supermarket is Kilgetty (6.5km /4 miles). All parts of Pembrokeshire are hilly. Some more than others, Amroth Bay is not in a particularly hilly area (Caravans need gently sloping ground) but it is not level. Note: The road to the seafront includes a steep section by the local church At the seafront there is a promenade/pavement accessible by a wheelchair along most of the beach and two ramps leading from the promenade down to the beach (but check for pebble 'banks' first).

2. Public Transport
The nearest railway station is approx 6.5km (4 miles) away at Kilgetty and the nearest bus stop is at the seafront in Amroth (about 2km). The road to the seafront is a country lane (narrow in places) and steep near the church (a little way inland from the sea front). Walking from the Park to the seafront will take at least 30min and much longer if you walk slowly, are unfit or have a pushchair etc. to slow you down. There are no local taxis and therefore it is difficult to obtain a taxi for a short journey e.g. to the seafront. Taxis can be booked but bear in mind that any taxi coming from 5 to 8 miles away will expect a similar distance fare or greater to make it worth their while! (You may need to phone around).

3. The Park
The holiday caravans and cottages are on approx 3 acres of gently sloping ground (but not everywhere very gentle). These holiday homes share the grounds with privately owned caravanholiday homes (40 in total). All are laid out with their own lawn or patio and directly accessible from the driveway. The main entrance and driveway is tarmaced. The other driveways are graveled. The part of the park near the main entrance is the least sloping. It is here that the 2 cottages and 2 caravans with ramps are situated. (This is upslope of the swimming pool and playground). All other holiday units have steps. 

4. Accommodation Access - Caravans.
We have the following accommodation with ramp access:
One, 3-bedroom Heulwen Caravan

Note: Because of the compact nature of caravans:
a) The relative distance from door to front of caravan may force a ramp to be steeper that the WTB recommended 1: 12 slope.
b) External door widths are limited to a maximum of 750mm (29.5 inches) and it may not be possible to access all parts of the accommodation using a wheel chair because internal doors may be narrower (typically 550mm).
NB: Our pitches are not big enough to accommodate the larger than average caravans specially manufactured for the physically disabled, therefore in this sense, we do not have any specially adapted accommodation.

Internal Doors.
These are usually narrower than the external doors (around 550mm but may be wider). In some caravans the doors are finished in a contrasting colour to the walls.

Bathroom/shower Rooms and Toilets
Space for helper: if you need to have a helper in the toilet then it is unlikely a caravan will be suitable, since caravans are very economical on space. However we do have a couple of caravans where the toilet is in the shower room and therefore there is (just about) room for a slim helper.
Shower water temperature. Caravan showers do not have a pump to regulate water flow, therefore water pressure and temperature can vary. Some deluxe caravans have a thermostatic mixer tap in the shower to prevent the water getting too hot.
Some showers have a seat, some have low sills, some have high sills. None have grab rails.

All caravans have small bedrooms with very little space around the bed. 
In the twin rooms of most caravan it is possible to remove/fold away one single bed to give more space beside a single bed. (There is a small charge for this to cover the time spent removing to storage elsewhere on site and replacing the bed and bedding).
Bedding: We do not use feather bedding, only synthetic filling in pillows and duvets.

All caravans have a gas fire in the lounge and electric heating in the bedrooms and shower room, except some that have central heating and double glazing (there is a higher charge for these during the colder months to partly offset the additional heating costs). There are no meters, heating costs are including in the holiday price quoted at time of booking.

Ceiling Height.
We have a number of caravans with higher than average ceiling height (up to 8ft to the apex in the lounge).

Most caravans have between 2 and 3 steps to the door, some more. Some steps and ramps have hand rails, others do not. Steps or ramps have one rail only so depending on the orientation of the caravan with respect to the driveway; the rail will be on either the left or right hand side. Please ask at time of booking if this is important for you.

5. Accommodation Access. Cottages.
The 2 cottages are located next to the owner's house at one side of the Holiday Park on gently sloping ground (but not everywhere very gentle), not far from main entrance. Access from the car park hard-standing in front of the cottages to the front doors of each cottage is via a gentle ramp. External door width of Lilac Cottage is 835mm (2' 9"). Honeysuckle has a maximum of 750mm (29.5 inches). Both cottages are double glazed and insulated to modern standards.

Internal Doors.
All Lilac Cottage internal doors are 835mm (2' 9"), except the kitchen to Lounge doorway which is 1170mm 3'10" wide (French doors)

In Honeysuckle Cottage these are usually 750mm (29.5") but there is a narrower door to the shower room and toilet (around 550mm).

Electrical switch positions.
Lilac cottage has been rewired with electrical sockets and light switches position within the range of heights recommended for easy access. Honeysuckle has the sockets position just above the skirting board.

Shower Rooms and Toilets
'Lilac' Cottage has a 'wet room' design shower with toilet and washbasin off the kitchen. The room is large. There is no sill for the shower. Handrails and a seat are provided for the shower, washbasin and toilet.
'Honeysuckle' Cottage has an ensuite shower and toilet slightly smaller than most homes. The shower has a low sill (no seat or rail yet but we hope to acquire them next season).
Space for helper: Both cottages offer space for a helper.

Honeysuckle and Lilac have space on the door side of the bedroom for wheel chair access to the bed each bed has a over-the-bed lamp which can be turned off/on when in bed. Bedding: We do not use feather bedding, only synthetic filling in pillows and duvets.

Both cottages have electric heating in all rooms. There are no meters, heating costs are including in the holiday price quoted.

Ceiling Height.
The ceilings in each cottage are approx 225cm (7'5") high, although in Honeysuckle, the kitchenette and shower room are higher.

None. There is ramp access to each cottage. In Lilac there is one step down to the patio from the rear door but a ramp access to the patio from the front door.

6. Pet Dog/Guide Dog/Pet Allergies.
We allow 1 pet dog in both cottages

7. TV/DVD/Video.
Our heulwen caravan and both cottages have Freesat 20" TV screens with teletext (subtitling) and a video player (VHS).

8. Other Aids.
We have acquired the following this season: A folding wheel chair, wheeled' shopping bag' a vibrating pager/alarm linked to a caravan's smoke detector, several kinds of 'easy-grip' tin-opener/jar opener instruments, a set of cutlery with easy grip handles, clip-on tap levers and a raised toilet seat. These items may be reserved at time of booking subject to availability. A refundable deposit is payable on collection of these items. The deposit is returned when the item is returned in good condition at the end of your holiday.

9. The swimming pool.
The pool is approached by a short ramp and through a gate. There is a short nr of vertical steps into the water. One end is 3ft (0.9m) deep the other is 6ft (1.8m) deep. The water is heated to approximately 28 degrees Celsius (approx 82 degrees. Fahrenheit). This temperature may fluctuate as the water is renewed or with changes in the weather.

10. Dog Exercise spots.
Pembrokeshire County Council now has a Dog Warden patrolling for dog mess, so please always clean up after your dog whether on the park or elsewhere. Dogs may be walked at Nearby Colby Woodlands and, of course, on the many lanes and footpaths around Amroth. During the main season, dogs are allowed on the promenade at Amroth and at either end of the beach but not on the central section (see notices on promenade).

11. Mobile Phone Networks.
All networks suffer right down by the beach because the cliffs act to block the radio waves. At normal ground level (e.g. in and around the holiday park)', Vodaphone, EE and Orange are known to work and perhaps others also.

12. A copy of the park brochure is available in Braille and in large print.

We realize there are many aspects to providing disabled access - so dependant on individuals needs. So If we haven't answered your questions, do contact us.

Best wishes  
On behalf of
Amroth Bay Holidays

Nigel and Emily

Tel: 01834 831 259
Fax: 01834 831702



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We find these useful especially laundry as we have to keep everything spotless due to no immunity. We like the fact it is homely. Home from home and very clean. Staff more than helpful. Beautiful tranquil heaven. Staff very friendly and helpful make the holiday special. Thank you for all your help.

(Mr & Mrs P Abergavenny)

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